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Live Video Streaming and Media Production in Chicago

Established in 2001, Chicago Media Productions is one of the leading live video streaming provider in Chicago. We specialize in providing live streaming services for corporate and individual clients. Our portfolio includes a variety of projects including: live streaming conference and meeting, video productions services, video coverage of various events: conferences, seminars, concerts and performances, live video streaming of webinars as well as production of several episodes of cable TV shows. Our very low overhead as well as utilizing the most recent video streaming technologies allows us to provide our services at costs that can’t be compared to our competitors. Our mobile live video streaming units allows us to provide professional multi-camera live video streaming service nationwide. Your content can be promoted through social media networks reaching a wider demographic audience and increasing accessibility. Get your message across to millions of viewers throughout the web. For more information please contact us and provide details of your planned live video streaming project.



Utilizing Cutting Edge Video Streaming Technology

Utilizing recent advances in video production and streaming video distribution technologies allow us to produce content in more cost efficient and affordable ways. New technologies allow us  and distribute live video online in professional high definition quality. Video streaming servers we use distribute the broadcast using 40+ points of presence across the globe. Multi- bitrate delivery ensures best possible viewing experience. Archived video-on-demand is available instantly at the conclusion of the broadcast. We are capable of video streaming utilizing up to 10 HD cameras and professional wireless sound systems. Pre-recorded media, power point presentations, lower thirds, signage, branding, images, picture-in-picture, LIVE TWITTER feeds and  more can be added to live video stream.

    • LOW LATENCY 40+ points of presence across the globe
    • UNBRANDED PLAYER add your logo and branding
    • MOBILE COMPATIBILITY iOS devices & a range of Android devices

Mobile Live Streaming Units

Our mobile live streaming units allows multi-camera live streaming webcasts from almost any location where internet connection is available. In a matter of hours our mobile team could be dispatched to provide live video streaming services from any location in US as well as abroad. Video streaming servers services we use are based on multi content deliver network. This guarantees 100% reliability and service uptime across the globe.

Customized Video Streaming Services

From concept to final distribution – all in one comprehensive services. Custom tailored bigger and small productions customized to fit your project needs. To achieve desired results we approach each project with creativity and invention. Our personal, boutique-like approach to each project results in building long-term relationships  with our clients.

Cost Efficient and Affordable Solutions

Chicago Media Productions boutique approach allows us to develop long term relationships with our customers. Our very low overhead allows us to provide more affordable services compared to our larger competitors. We remain in constant contact with our clients who follow the progress of each project and, if needed, all inputs are implemented on a rolling basis saving a lot of time and effort, consequently lowering the cost and shortening turnaround of each project.

Youtube Live Streaming

NEW! Youtube live streaming feature allows replacement of single camera webcam-like video feed with coverage of multiple professional HD cameras with multi-channel PRO wireless sound connected to live streaming video switcher. The webcast will include all the features of professional streaming video production like signage, lower-thirds, PIP, 3D animations, Power Point, pre-recorded video integration into webcast, LIVE TWITTER feeds and more. Contact us for more information about youtube live streaming price.

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