Best Practices for Planning a Live Streaming Event

step by step guide to live streaming


    • ON SITE INTERNET TESTING. We conduct on site tests of venue’s internet live streaming capabilities, internet upload speed in addition to firewall restrictions etc.
    • EVENT LANDING PAGE. This is where online viewers watch the broadcast. We can either create branded landing page and deploy it on our server or if you choose to host it on your website while we provide “embed code”. If you have account on live streaming platforms like Livestream, Ustream, Youtube, Facebook etc. we can stream directly to their servers
    • SELECT LIVE STREAMING PLATFORM. If you don’t have account on Livestream, Ustream, Youtube, Facebook etc. we will select the appropriate live streaming platform for your project.
    • HOW MANY CAMERAS NEEDED. Since each project requires different approach therefore it is best to consult it with us. We will help to choose right solution.
    • DESIGN GRAPHIC PACK. Finally, we will design all signage required for the broadcast – lower thirds, bugs, images etc.


    • SET-UP TIME. Our crew will arrive to the venue early to set-up. Minimum 2-3 hours before the broadcast is recommended.
    • REAL-TIME INTERACTIVITY. Keep your viewers engaged during broadcast using chatrooms, text messaging, Twitter posts etc.
    • LIVE TWITTER interaction on screen.
    • EVENT RECORDED. The event will be recorded in HD for your (Video On Demand) VOD archive. In addition, upon request we can upload it to the cloud or hosting server of your choice – complimentary.
    • LIVE STREAMING TO FACEBOOK. Professional multi-camera live streaming production to facebook.


    • EVENT AVAILABLE ONLINE after the live stream broadcast recorded event is available online.
    • EVENT HIGHLIGHTS. Upon request we create event highlights.
    • VIDEO ARCHIVES. The event will be recorded in HD for your (Video On Demand) VOD archive. .
    • CLOUD ACCESSIBLE. Upon request we can upload it to the cloud or hosting server of your choice – complimentary
    • EVENT EDIT. All HD footage can be edited according to your requirements. In addition to fully edited file, separate video files of keynote speakers, presentations, sessions etc, can be created for VOD library.

NEW! Facebook Live video / ZOOM

According to Facebook data “people comment more than 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos”

What is Facebook Live? It is a new feature offered by Facebook which lets users share live video with their friends, followers and public on Facebook pages. In addition, live video can be streamed in Facebook Groups and Events.
With exponentially growing mobile usage and prominence of social media users watch and create more video content than ever before. As a result, today one third of online activity is spent watching video. Cisco predicts that by 2020, 80% of all consumer internet traffic will be from watching video.


Why Choose Live Video...

    • Live video turns itself into event, experience therefore engages viewers
    • As a result live productions are perceived as more authentic
    • Truly interactive in real time
    • Schedule and promote live event ahead of time / build the audience
    • Facebook Live video to appear higher in News Feed while it is live

    • Another interactive features: (comments, eactions (Love, Wow, HaHa etc…)
    • Live Subscribe
    • “Going Live” on Facebook Groups and Events
    • Live video is recorded and saved to the timeline

Ideas for Facebook Live...

    • Hot topics discussions
    • Demo-style broadcas
    • Live performances

    • Interviews
    • Series – TV show-style
    • Q&A

    • On Location or Studio Services
    • Breaking News
    • Behind the scenes

Mobile Live Streaming Service

Your Location or Our Studio

Live stream any important content directly from your location. We will arrive, setup and be ready to go live in a matter of an hour. From simple one camera setup to professional tv-style, multi camera production your livecast will always look professional.

Most noteworthy, our mobile live streaming units allows multi-camera live streaming webcasts from almost any location. If there is no internet connection available, we can setup 4G cell phone hotspot and live stream from the field. As a result, in a matter of hours our mobile team could be dispatched to provide live video streaming services. Furthermore, video streaming servers we use are located around the world, hence guarantees 100% reliability and service uptime across the globe.